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Meet Dr. Milton D. Moore

Hello, I’m Dermatologist & Pharmacist Dr. Milton D. Moore, The Developer of the Moore Unique Skin Care Line.

You will soon discover how effective these products are, many of which are patented by the U.S. patent office (Truly Unique).


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Brad Scarface Jordan (recording artist)

I started getting a lot of acne and razor bumps on my face. I talked to a barber friend of mine and he told me to come see Dr. Moore, so I go online to look up Dr. Moore and schedule my appointment. My appointment was scheduled for a month out. Dr. Moore’s staff squeezed me in within 3 weeks. Everything was gone.He is a great doctor and a friend of mine. He did what Pro Active couldn’t do. There is a difference between going to someone who does different ethnic skins. A big difference. Pro Active is good but Dr.Moore is better.


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Best Shaving System That Works


The Moore Unique Shaving System has been endorsed by the Houston Police Department and is used by many in the workforce. Staff employees have been using Moore Unique Skin Care products for nearly twenty years with great results.

Best Acne Care Treatment That Works

Most people experience a right time when they hope their skin would look better. Before you buy an authentic face wash that looks inviting and sounds encouraging, make sure that it is right for your skin type.  Experience the Moore Unique difference.



Best Hair Loss Treatment That Works

Millions of Americans experience hair loss. By age 40, about 50% of men and women will have some hereditary thinning of the hair. With over 25 years of proven results, men and women have experienced The Moore Unique difference for hair regrowth.



Best Anti Aging Skin Treatment


Need a new skin care regimen? Whether blemishes, uneven skin tone, wrinkles or loss of firmness are your concern, Moore Unique skin care products can restore glowing skin without the expense or downtime associated with cosmetic procedures.


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